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Siskiyou Gifts FMC130 Our NFL stainless steel money clips feature a hand painted emblem featuring the Rams


This is you when you get your St. Louis Rams Sculpted and Enameled Pewter Money Clip: walking through town with your collar turned up pulling out your money clip and snappin off hundreds like theyre going out of style. A pack of gum? Snap!... Hundred-dollar bill. Two-for-one gas station chili dogs? Crack!... What do you mean you dont have change? All I have are hundreds! So what if you have a second mortgage and drive a moped to work? Its still a sweet money clip. You can secure your cash easily inside this large all-metal money clip. It measures approximately 1 inch by 2 inches and features St. Louis Rams team graphics on the front. The graphics are hand-painted in team colors so everybody knows who you root for while youre flashing your bills all over town. If you like wearing sunglasses indoors this St. Louis Rams Sculpted and Enameled Pewter Money Clip is for you. It fits perfectly in the pockets of polyester pants too. Or if youre just a cool sports fan looking for a high-quality money clip look no further. The St. Louis Rams Sculpted and Enameled Pewter Money Clip is the perfect blend of classic style sports fandom and hip fashion sensibilities made to suit even the finickiest St. Louis Rams fan. Get yours and hit the streets with confidence today. Large metal money clip.Team graphic on front.Hand painted in team colors.Approximately 1 T x 2 W.Officially licensed product.

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