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Dynamic Health 0277392 Coral Calcium Complex Okinawan - 32 fl oz


Dynamic Health Laboratories Coral Calcium Complex liquid formula offers a synergistic way to satisfy the bodys thirst for natural elemental Calcium nutrient rich ionic trace minerals and essential vitamins. In addition to the benefits commonly derived from calcium Liquid Coral Calcium Complex has a significant advantage over other forms of calcium; not only is it readily absorbable because it is in liquid form but it also contains a wide variety of and optimal mix of major and trace minerals. In addition Coral Calcium may help augment healthy muscle and nerve function. Calcium is the most adundant mineral in the human body! Here is a quick overview of some of the benefits of Liquid Coral Calcium: Coral Calcium has an optimal 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium and it also contains trace minerals in perfect balance. The calcium magnesium and trace minerals balance is in proportion to the human body. Coral Calcium has the best absorption as compared with other forms of calcium. Coral Calcium has the highest HDL (good) cholesterol density. Coral Calcium helps to balance pH levels in the body for better health. Coral Calcium helps to strengthen bones and teeth. Coral Calcium helps to cleanse kidneys intestines and liver while breaking down heavy metals in the body. Coral Calcium helps to boost the immune system . Everyday stresses including environmental pollution improper diet lack of exercise and daily tension can increase the bodys acidity thus altering the healthy pH and reducing the natural defenses. Okinawan Coral Calcium Complex can help neutralize harmful acid and restore natural healthy alkaline pH and strengthen bones and teeth. A proper regimen of Essentials Vitamins and Minerals can also help restore and maintain optimal health. Dynamic Health Laboratories Coral Calcium Complex liquid for

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